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+ - Unity3D Technology revises EULA, pushes developers into a ditch->

Submitted by mpbrede
mpbrede (820514) writes "Unity3D Technologies(http://unity3d.com/), the up-and coming cross-platform game developer has revised its EULA for Version 4 of the product.

Among the new restrictions imposed, and that has developers up in arms(http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/161689-Unity-4-New-EULA-Restrictions), are the following:
1) Unity3D can't be used in a gambling application, 2) Unity3D may not be used as the UI in embedded applications without a per-device license if the number of devices may exceed 50, and 3) Developers are prohibited from developing Streaming and Cloud Gaming applications.

Says the Unity CEO (David Helgason) in the forum(http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/161689-Unity-4-New-EULA-Restrictions?p=1107170&viewfull=1#post1107170): "Please remember that there's a difference between "not allowed by the EULA" and "not allowed at all". Of course we allow people to submit their games to OnLive, we just want to talk to them first and learn more about this area – so far we've not actually seen this happen at all.""

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Unity3D Technology revises EULA, pushes developers into a ditch

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