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Submission + - Team GhostShell claims to have hacked Pentagon, NASA, Federal Reserve->

hypnosec writes: Team GhostShell has claimed to have hacked and stolen data from a number of high profile companies and organizations including the likes of NASA, World Airport Transfers, the Pentagon and the Federal Reserve. The hacking collective has dumped links to the data containing over 1.6 million accounts seemingly obtained through an SQL injection attack and upon closer look at some of these files reveal information such as names, email addresses, home addresses, mailing lists, passwords, defense material tests and analysis notes and the likes. Some of the files even contain more sensitive information like administrator email addresses their passwords, hashed password and telephone numbers. #ProjectWhiteFox, through which the team carried out its latest activities, is said to be the hacking collective’s last hacking project of this year.
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Team GhostShell claims to have hacked Pentagon, NASA, Federal Reserve

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