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+ - Bradley Manning (Wikileaks Source) Given Hearing After 2 Years In Jail->

Submitted by TrueSatan
TrueSatan (1709878) writes "Finally Bradley Manning's military court case starts and he's only had to wait 2 years to be heard. Manning claims that while remanded in custody in Iraq he "passed out due to the heat" and "contemplated suicide" The United Nations special rapporteur on torture found Manning's detention was "cruel and inhuman." Manning wants the case against him to be dismissed because his pre-trial punishment was so severe. Manning's attorney, David coombs, has released an 11 page letter detailing the conditions of Manning's confinement.

Manning offered guilty pleas to minor charges but not to spying, aiding American enemies or treason and those pleas have been accepted by the judge."

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Bradley Manning (Wikileaks Source) Given Hearing After 2 Years In Jail

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