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+ - MMGuardian Parental Control Changes Way Parents Control Their Kids' Smartphones->

psg129 writes: "MMGuardian Parental Control provides parents with the comprehensive set of features they need to effectively regulate their pre-teen and teen's smartphone use.
MMGuardian’s Google Play link is:
MMGuardian performs the following important functions that help keep kids safe:
1) Prevents teen texting and driving without draining the phone battery
2) Instantly locates or tracks the phone's location
3) Lets parents set designated time limits for phone use days or months in advance
4) Monitor's text messages for inappropriate or threatening words or phrases based on the parent's own specifications.
5) Monitors and regulates the applications downloaded on the child's phone
6) Contains password protection and tamper and uninstall prevention to prevent teens from disabling or removing the application"

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MMGuardian Parental Control Changes Way Parents Control Their Kids' Smartphones

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