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+ - FreeBSD Infrastructure Breached->

Submitted by Orome1
Orome1 (1901578) writes "The FreeBSD team has announced over the weekend that two machines within the cluster have been compromised and have been consequently pulled offline for analysis. "These machines were head nodes for the legacy third-party package building infrastructure. It is believed that the compromise may have occurred as early as the 19th September 2012," they announced, and explained that it seems that the intrusion was made possible by a leak of an SSH key from a developer, and was not due to any vulnerability or code exploit within FreeBSD. They pointed out that FreeBSD's base repositories containing the kernel, system libraries, compiler, core command-line tools, and daemons were not compromised, and neither was the freebsd-update(8) binary upgrade mechanism."
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FreeBSD Infrastructure Breached

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