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wunderkind45 writes: Mystery video: I came accross this youtube video about China building underground cities and planning to move a large portion of its population into them: . The video is recent, has good production values, but as a scientist I find the claims wildly improbable. It's not funny enough to be comedy or satire. So who would go through this much trouble if it wasn't true? I'm baffled. My own investigations (essentially, asking my Chinese-speaking roommate), have determined that the Chinese IS accurately translated. Curiouser and curiouser. I'm a longtime reader (first time poster), who figured that if anyone could get to the bottom of this, it would be the Slashdot community.
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China Building Enormous Underground Complexes? Really?

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  • "who would go through this much trouble if it wasn't true?"

    The tireless combination of chinese state-sponsored propaganda, and
    youtube channel owners desperate for more number of Views and Subscriptions.

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