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+ - Man arrested at airport for wearing ornate watch. -> 2

Submitted by whoever57
whoever57 (658626) writes "A man was arrested at Oakland airport and charged with having bomb-making materials. The materials? An ornate watch and extra insoles in his boots. Despite the bomb squad determining that there was no bomb, the spokesman for the Alameda county sherriff's department claimed that he was carrying "potentially dangerous materials and appeared to have made alterations to his boots, which were unusually large and stuffed with layers of insoles". Linked in has a profile for a person with a matching name that (Geoffrey McGann) who is the owner and creative director of a media production company called Generator Conten"
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Man arrested at airport for wearing ornate watch.

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  • TSA Gone Wild. The man is from Southern Czlifornia. How did he get to Oakland? I'm betting he flew, and this was his return trip. We will learn that the "suspicious" watch made it through his originating airport TSA search without problem. I just checked the TSA website, and nowhere does it say you can't travel with electronic parts. I do it all the time, as an engineer that often has to make improvised repairs. Heck, if the TSA claims they can arrest you for posessing "parts" they can arrest anyone with a

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