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+ - Hostess is Going Out of Business-> 2

Submitted by beerdragoon
beerdragoon (1142579) writes "It is the end of an era. Hostess Brands Inc, the maker of the Twinkie, is going out of business. Apparently unable to negotiate a contract with it's 18,500+ employees, the company has decided to halt all manufacturing and close it's doors for good. If you are one of the people that still eats Twinkies, HoHos or DingDongs then you might want to hit your local convenience store and stock up now!"
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Hostess is Going Out of Business

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  • So you think unions are still a good thing for their members? The "Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union" just lost 18,500 people their jobs. Do you think the union bosses are going to suffer? Not a chance.

    • by dpilot (134227)

      I don't deny that there is union abuse, and that reforms are needed. But without unions, the general workplace might well be as dangerous as the family farm and the wages more like the third world.

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred. -- Superchicken