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+ - Flying Cars won't Solve Global Gridlock-> 1

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DavidGilbert99 writes "Ask anyone about what the future will look like, and they will almost always talk mention some form of transport.

Whether it is teleporting, flying trains, jet packs or hover cars, all our visions of the future include new and exciting ways of getting from one place to another. The problem is, our vision for the future of transport hasn’t changed in a long time.

Look back at the classic science fiction films from the 1920s, such as Fritz Lang’s seminal Metropolis, and you will see something similar to what has been envisioned in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, such as this year’s derivative Total Recall remake.

This problem was summed up succinctly by Susan Claris, a transport planner at Arup, when she said:

“The future is over-sold and under-imagined”

With up to four billion cars set to be on the road by 2050 the planet is looking at a global traffic jam on epic proportions. A single vision of the future of mobility won't solve this, it needs rethinking, a focus on the individual and strong leadership if we are to avoid this catastrophe."

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Flying Cars won't Solve Global Gridlock

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  • Self driving cars could route around traffic jams, and get rid of minor errors that turn flowing traffic into stop and go. Going by surface streets would be possible because every car would know all the short cuts. Not to mention the fact that if the car is self-driving, then moving slowly is less annoying - you can read, call people, even work via the internet.

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