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+ - Strike Suit Zero Kickstarter: 48 hours left, $25k short of Linux Stretch Goal-> 1

Submitted by
Adam Jorgensen
Adam Jorgensen writes "Strike Suit Zero is a space-combat mecha game that is going to be released very soon (Early 2013 at current estimates).

In order to expedite the releae they've been running a KickStarter in order to drum up the cash necessary to complete the final stretch. So far the KickStarter has reached it's target value and has also hit the amount necessary for their 1st Stretch Goal (Modding Tools).

There are just 48 hours left on this KickStarter and the total value pledged is sitting at roughly $155k. In order for the developers to also release this game on Linux and Mac they require at least $180k to be pledged.

If you'd like to see this incredibly pretty space-combat mecha game released on Linux and have a bit of cash to spare (Or a lot, for that matter) then head on over to the KickStarter page and help them hit the $180k mark..."

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Strike Suit Zero Kickstarter: 48 hours left, $25k short of Linux Stretch Goal

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