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United Kingdom

+ - Manchester Central by-election candidate takes to the internet for a Q&A->

Submitted by Ajehals
Ajehals (947354) writes "The Pirate Party's Loz Kaye is doing a Reddit AMA to answer questions about himself and the party in the run up to the Manchester Central by-election.


I'm Loz Kaye and I'm the Pirate Party candidate for the Manchester Central by-election. In the last couple of months I've been out in Manchester, knocked on the doors of about 5% of the city and with our local members, have been making the case for voting Pirate in Manchester.

So if anyone has any questions about the Manchester election, what we do in the UK or anything else ask away. I'll answer what I can for the next couple of hours and get back to this tomorrow morning in between campaigning.

Oh, and if you live or can vote in Manchester, please do cast a ballot on Thursday for whoever you want to see as your next MP, there are lots of options and I think it's important that people take part.""

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Manchester Central by-election candidate takes to the internet for a Q&A

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