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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Advise for starting an integrated Web & Design department

aseigfried writes: "Recently I've been hired on as the first (and only) in-house Web & Design employee at my company (IT is separate and not web focused). Over the last decade I've gone from employee to business owner, then to a senior employee and now I'm at the point of starting a brand new department in a major manufacturing company.

For now it's just me, but this is where a solid foundation starts and I wanted to ask other Slashdotters their opinion:

"What do you think are the most important foundational ideas a combined Web & Design department should have?"

Expectations are very open here, and I can move in pretty much any direction I choose. It's not just 'what do i need presently' but also 'what will i need in the future' when there are more employees. I'm going to keep a running dialog over on my new company twitter account @FXI_AlexS so any thoughts would be appreciated. :)"
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Ask Slashdot: Advise for starting an integrated Web & Design department

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