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+ - O2 Charging £120 Premium on Nexus 4 for 'Rewards and Tickets'->

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DavidGilbert99 writes "O2 is charging pre-pay customers £120 more for the Nexus 4 than if you were to buy it direct from Google. Why? Rewards and tickets apparently.

An unlocked 16GB Nexus 4 From Google will set you back £279 (once they are back in stock), the exact same phone (also unlocked) from O2 will cost you £399.

When IBTimes UK asked O2 why the big price difference, it said: “Customers buying from us [O2] will benefit from things like O2 Priority Moments, Ticketing, O2 Rewards and Fair Deal and others for being part of our network.”

The thing is, if you simply bought an O2 pre-pay SIM and the phone direct from Google, you would get all the same 'rewards' while saving yourself £120...."

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O2 Charging £120 Premium on Nexus 4 for 'Rewards and Tickets'

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