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Submission + - 16-year-old researcher to expose Windows Phone 8 malware in India-> 1 1

alphadogg writes: A 16-year-old security researcher from India plans to present a malware application for Windows Phone 8 at the upcoming MalCon security conference in New Delhi, India, on Nov. 24. According to a brief description of the presentation on the MalCon website, it will show approaches and techniques for infecting Windows Phone 8 devices and will demonstrate how the prototype malware can steal contacts, upload pictures, access text messages and more. The malware's author, a high school student and security researcher, last year at MalCon presented a proof-of-concept malware program capable of interacting with Xbox Kinect devices.
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16-year-old researcher to expose Windows Phone 8 malware in India

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  • A 3-year old can use it...http://tech.slashdot.org/story/12/10/23/0224227/are-windows-xp7-users-smarter-than-a-3-year-old

    And a 16-year old can hack it....

    And enterprises can pay billions for the junk!

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