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+ - BlackBerry Messenger update with free voice calling shows RIM is ready to battle-> 1

Submitted by zacharye
zacharye (2330148) writes "Research In Motion will unveil the finished version of its next-generation smartphone platform next year on January 30th. While BlackBerry 10 is considered by many to be RIM’s big chance at a comeback, a number of industry watchers think the new BlackBerry operating system doesn’t stand a chance in a market dominated by Android and iOS. BlackBerry 10 indeed looks like a breath of fresh air compared to RIM’s current mobile OS, but like Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows Phone platform, we have yet to see any compelling differentiation that might appeal to the mass market. With its latest BlackBerry Messenger update, however, RIM is showing that it may in fact be ready to innovate and put up a fight when BlackBerry 10 hits the market early next year..."
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BlackBerry Messenger update with free voice calling shows RIM is ready to battle

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