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+ - Fully-Open A13-OLinuXino Single-Board Linux Computer -> 1

Submitted by
Penurious Penguin
Penurious Penguin writes "As low-cost, compact, Linux-powered devices continue to improve, another interesting species has emerged. Via LXer, an article from PCWorld introduces the A13-OLinuXino, which has entered the scene sporting an Allwinner A13 Cortex A8 1GHz processor, 3D Maili400 GPU and 512MB RAM, in a compact nano-ITX form. Stock with Android 4.0, and capable of industrial environments between -25C and 85C, the A13-OLinuXino is produced by Bulgarian company, OLIMEX, and is said to be "fully open", with all CAD files and source-code freely available for any commercial and personal reuse.
A YouTube video exhibiting some this little beast's capabilities can be seen here.
Another (25 minute) YouTube video shows the OLinuXino running ArchLinuxARM, where several impressive feats are achieved, such as plug-and-play USB WiFi, setting up an apache PHP web-server, and a few others."

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Fully-Open A13-OLinuXino Single-Board Linux Computer

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  • Pardon the typos -- they seem to be conspiring against me lately. If possible -- if the submission is worthy -- please correct the following typo:

    A YouTube video exhibiting some of this little beast's capabilities can be seen here.

    Or reword the sentence entirely. Thanks.

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