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Wireless Networking

Submission + - The Truth and Fiction of Tablet-induced Wi-Fi Stress->

CowboyRobot writes: "Wireless LANs (WLANs) have been displacing wired Ethernet as a preferred means of client access for years.
The changing device mix means existing WLAN installations could face significant stress, if not outright gridlock, unless network managers make some architectural changes. WLAN equipment vendors have been fond of scaring customers with a Gartner report claiming that "enterprises deploying iPads will need 300% more Wi-Fi." But this number is simplistic and misleading. The bigger limitation of tablets and smartphones isn't their radio power, but channel capacity. Every current smartphone and tablet is a 1SS (single spatial stream) implementation, although things are a bit better for dual band devices like the iPad and iPhone 5 as they support a single stream on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. But with 1SS clients, everyone is still trying to share the same airtime on a given channel — kind of like truckers on CB radios — which leads to a massive RF traffic jam when a classroom of them are trying to talk at the same time."

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The Truth and Fiction of Tablet-induced Wi-Fi Stress

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