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+ - Pointillist data map shows the changing face of Texas-> 1

Submitted by FilmedInNoir
FilmedInNoir (1392323) writes "A visualization of voting trends in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas by Kirk Goldsberry, an assistant professor of geography at Michigan State University in East Lansing. "The work was partly to challenge people's perception of Texas. It's increasingly urban, it's increasingly Democratic, and therefore increasingly blue." says Prof. Goldsberry."
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Pointillist data map shows the changing face of Texas

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  • The perception that Texas is a bunch of redneck cowboys and slack-jawed mouth breathers should be enough to stop all you coastal dwellers to stay the fuck away. Please, we beg you, don't even think about it. You'll hate it. It's a desolate wasteland. Move along, nothing to see here. True story... I was working with a network engineer from New York who was visiting our cable show production facility in Arlington, TX. After work, we were heading out to get some dinner and he asked me "So, do you guys here al

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