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The Internet

+ - Video Streaming Rules Internet Traffic, BitTorrent Traffic Share Declining

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manoj.pravakar writes "Sandvine, a Canadian network policy control solution maker, has recently published a half-yearly internet traffic report that shows various trends of fixed and mobile data communication worldwide in the first half of 2012. The data reveals the dominance of video streaming on internet traffic. File-sharing protocols like BitTorrent are losing traffic share on the other hand, despite a positive trend in traffic volume.

Video streaming accounted for more than 47.37% of the total peak period traffic in fixed access in the U.S. In the mobile space, the peak period aggregate traffic share of top video streaming services is 39.43%, with YouTube holding most of the traffic. This trend is equally visible in Europe, where services like NetFlix or Amazon Video are not that popular.

When real-time entertainment ruled the internet traffic in both North America and Europe, file-sharing traffic share continued to slide. However, the traffic volume of file-sharing services increased over the period. In the U.S. file-sharing traffic share has decreased from 19.20% in 2010 to 12.00% in 2012. Among the file-sharing services, BitTorrent is leading with 10.3% stake of the total traffic in the U.S. In the Europe, file-sharing traffic share is higher than 18.88%."
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Video Streaming Rules Internet Traffic, BitTorrent Traffic Share Declining

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