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+ - how i report bugs on site to slashdot? 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "something terribly wrong with submission. i was reviewing the article i submitted, and then i noticed after the first preview the next previews won't change no matter what changes i made, so i thought the browser is to blame, i reloaded the page, pressed "Submit" and the dialog reopened, i saw the last revision of the text. i changed it again, and i saw the first revision again, i tried re-login, and incognito in Chrome (the browser i used) and all was the same.

the only solution i found is clearing all cookies, making changes, and pressing just one time on "preview" then submit. this doesn't feel right.

so where can i report this kind of bugs to slashdot?"
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how i report bugs on site to slashdot?

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  • Thanks for the report. We're aware that the preview button doesn't update on subsequent presses, and it's on our list of things to fix. Sorry it's not working right. In the future, the best way to send bug reports would be to simply email -- that'll put your report in front of the engineers' eyes. Or you could email any of the editors individually, and we'll pass it along. Thanks for reading!

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