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+ - Raspberry PI Model B now has 512Mb of ram-> 1

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EricTheRed writes "The raspberry pi foundation announced this morning that as of today the Model B is shipping with double the memory — 512Mb of it.

"With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that from today all Model B Raspberry Pis will ship with 512MB of RAM as standard. If you have an outstanding order with either distributor, you will receive the upgraded device in place of the 256MB version you ordered. Units should start arriving in customers’ hands today, and we will be making a firmware upgrade available in the next couple of days to enable access to the additional memory.""

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Raspberry PI Model B now has 512Mb of ram

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  • 512MB of RAM, now the Raspberry PI model B is starting to look like a basic computer that can run android or a regular linux on a compact GUI, properly. Thanks a lot guys ! Actually when you consider that code can run directly out of the CF card (without having to be paged into RAM first), this is somewhat equivalent to a 1GB RAM typical computer. Or am I wrong ?
    Looking forward to the 2nd generation Pi, Cortex A9, end of 2013/early 2014 ? It doesn't cost to dream !
    The idea isn't to replace the first generat

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