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concealment writes: "Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Inc. lashed out Monday at a scathing congressional report, calling allegations that it may be spying on Americans and violating U.S. laws "little more than an exercise in China-bashing."

The House intelligence-committee report concluded that Huawei and ZTE pose risks to national security because their equipment, when employed by U.S. companies, could become a vehicle for Chinese spying in the U.S."

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Huawei Fires Back at the U.S.

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  • For as long as China isn't a democracy, this suspicion will persist.
    China is a dictatorship by committee, but still a dictatorship, its military activities are highly secretive, and it keeps on wanting to conquer territories belonging to small countries that don't have a strong enough military to make it painful enough to deter an invasion.
    No wonder China wants Syria to continue under Bashar Al Assad dictatorship.
    China is a currency manipulator, and is causing de-industrialization in many countries, due to

Gee, Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.