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+ - Apple iPad Mini Due For Release in November? ->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Reports suggest Apple has ordered enough parts for 10 million iPad minis for Q4 2012. That's double the amount of Kindle Fire's Amazon has ordered for the same quarter.

"Some component suppliers to Apple in Asia say they have received orders to make more than 10 million units of the smaller tablets in the fourth quarter. That is roughly double the order that were placed for Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets in the same quarter, these suppliers say." reports the Wall Street Journal

Apple (as always) hasn't commented on the rumors, but a number of factors point to an iPad mini being released in the near future. Internal parts of the so called iPad mini have been leaked online. If the iPhone 4 and 5 are anything to go by, this pretty much means we will see the device soon.

Rumours suggest an launch event for 17th October 2012 with the new device going on sale in November.

Watch this space."

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Apple iPad Mini Due For Release in November?

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