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+ - Humans Have Been Responsible for Greenhouse Gases Since the Roman Empire-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "At this point, greenhouse gas emissions, and humans' culpability for them, are as close to a fact as science can get. Researchers had assumed that humans' role in creating greenhouse gases began in during the Industrial Revolution. But Celia Sapart, from the Netherlands' Utrecht University, and her colleagues have found evidence that humans have played a role in the creation of greenhouse gas emissions since the time of the Roman Empire.
What's more, they believe that their findings may mean that scientists should rethink climate change models that did not take human involvement into consideration before the nineteenth century."

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Humans Have Been Responsible for Greenhouse Gases Since the Roman Empire

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  • According to TFA, 100BC was the heyday of the Roman Empire. I hope their other "facts" are less dodgy and better researched, as the Empire did not even exist then.

    The Roman Empire began arguably in 44BC (Julius Caesar became perpetual dictator) or in 31BC (Octavian defeats Anthony & Cleopatra at Actium), or more clearly in 27BC (Senate grants powers to Octavian with cognomen "Augustus"). The heyday of the Roman Empire was around 100AD during the reign of Trajan.

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