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+ - Keep your developers happy by giving them everything they want, says SAP->

Submitted by Qedward
Qedward (2499046) writes "Free food, health facilities and yoga space.

The stereotypical (if somewhat patronising and western-centric?) image of software developers in developing countries like India is that they will do anything to get a job in a large US company. But the reality is far different.

As the country pumps out hundreds of thousands of technology specialists from its universities each year, companies like SAP, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are competing to capture the best and to keep them, as explained in this Computerworld UK article.

The pick of the quotes from the interview with managing director of SAP Labs India VR Ferose is probably this one: "The most successful companies are the most democratic. I don't mean the staff electing the managing director or CEO, but being involved in the development of company policies.""

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Keep your developers happy by giving them everything they want, says SAP

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