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+ - Can Justin Timberlake Bring MySpace Back? 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Bringing sexy back is one thing. Bringing Myspace back is another. GeekWire's Taylor Soper asks UW students if they think Justin Timberlake and his investor group can resurrect Myspace. Surprisingly, the students are pretty receptive to the slick new This is Myspace promo, but in the end it may not matter. 'All of my friends are on Facebook,' explains a UW grad student, 'and unless there is a huge revolution where everyone switches back to Myspace, I’m probably just going to stick with it.' Still, Myspace has managed to hang on to 28MM unique monthly visitors, so perhaps the $35MM Timberlake & Co. shelled out to Murdoch's News Corp. last summer for Myspace will prove to be a bargain (News Corp. paid $580MM for the company in 2005). BTW, not everyone at Myspace has gotten their makeover yet, so take a gander if you're feeling nostalgic (standard eclipse-viewing safety rules apply!)."
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Can Justin Timberlake Bring MySpace Back?

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