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+ - Microsoft Windows 8 Metro Apps System is a Closed Platform->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "Apps for Windows 8 can only be distributed only through the Windows Store, it has been revealed. Developers are having questions as to whether it will be possible for them to develop and publish apps for Windows 8 on the web for users to download them directly without having to go through the Windows 8 Store. The answer, it seems, is a simple ‘No’. While answering one such question, “will public dissemination of Metro apps be limited to the Windows Store?” Ronnie Vernon, Community Moderator at Microsoft Answers revealed that the store apps can only be distributed through the Windows Store. “The Store Apps (formerly Metro) can only be distributed through the Windows Store”, he answered."
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Microsoft Windows 8 Metro Apps System is a Closed Platform

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