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+ - Apple responds to iPhone 5 scuffs: Scratches and chips are "normal"->

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MrSeb writes "In an interesting twist to Scuffgate, Apple’s marketing boss Phil Schiller has admitted that the iPhone 5s susceptibility to scuffing is “normal.” Furthermore, it would seem that Apple is fully aware that the iPhone 5 is easy to scuff — and yet it knowingly proceeded to manufacture (and sell) record breaking numbers of the new device. Phil Schiller’s comments come from an email response to a customer, who had contacted the vice president to ask about some “scuffs, scratches and marks” on the chamfered edge that surrounds the phone. Schiller’s reply, in full: "Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal."

The problem with this, though, is that properly anodized aluminium doesn't scratch or chip with use — just as the military, who make extensive use of anodized aluminium. Let's not forget that Apple itself anodized most of its smaller iPods, but they didn't scuff as easily as the iPhone 5.

For the first official response from Apple, regarding the scuffing — and the fact that devices are even scuffed straight out of the box — Schiller sounds almost condescending or nonchalant."

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Apple responds to iPhone 5 scuffs: Scratches and chips are "normal"

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