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+ - Danish Wind Mill Giant donates supercomputer to University->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen writes: One of the biggest wind mill producers in the world the Danish company Vestas ( has decided to donate their retired HP-supercomputer with 1344 kernels each 3,3 gigahertz, 2760 gigabyte RAM and 250 terabyte of harddiskspace to Aalborg University.

The computer from 2008 and already replaced by another monster at Vestas already came cheap — Price tag for the University... Pay for the transport and it is yours....

Now that's what I call corporate social responsibility — Imagine more companies donating supercomputers to Universities around the world in this way...

Here is a link to the article in English (google translate — gives a rough idea)

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Danish Wind Mill Giant donates supercomputer to University

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