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+ - How young is too young for Linux? 2

Submitted by entt
entt (1060982) writes "I have an 8 year old son who is fond of computers, mainly because of games, naturally. Last week when I got home, I saw that my xubuntu laptop is open. I asked my son who opened it. He replied, he did. Once I defined a user for him on xubuntu, so that he can google his homework and print related stuff. It seems he remembered the user name and password, logged on, opened Chrome, and listened to music via Youtube all by himself. For basic stuff like this, Ubuntu is simple enough for a small kid like him.
I wanted to share this, for those who think Linux is only for geeks. If you intend to do it, and approach with no prejudice, it is just a few clicks away."
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How young is too young for Linux?

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  • I have a nephew who's about to turn 17 months and I can't wait to introduce him to computing and math too.

    Remember, Bill Gates (I know he's evil, etc) started coding at 13 ish. You can start them as early as possible and since kids are so bright and eager to learn (at least when it's fun), take advantage!

  • When I was about 8 my mom bought me a fake "laptop" with a ~4-5 inch LED screen that taught me my first programming language - Basic. When I was 9 I made a website for my 4th grade class. Definitely a BIG impact!!!! I've since passed the still working laptop on to my cousin's (also a software developer like me) son who took to it like a fish to water. My nephew is obsessed with video games and I keep trying to get him into stuff like ALICE or other child/teen computer science programs. My niece, nephew

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