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Submitted by colinneagle
colinneagle (2544914) writes "After poking around the web for several days, I’m still unclear what Mitt Romney's position is on cybersecurity, so allow me to speculate based upon what I did discover.

It’s likely that candidate Romney would default to the Republican platform created at the recent convention. There isn’t much substance in this platform but there is a fair amount of condemnation. For example, the Republicans call Mr. Obama’s cybersecurity strategy, “costly and heavy handed,” and say that it will “increase the cost and size of the federal bureaucracy and harm innovation in cybersecurity.” It also claims that the President’s approach has been “overly reliant on developing defensive capabilities,” and that there is no “active deterrence protocol.”

Okay, so I get the politics here – criticize the other guy in a way that fits your agenda. Thus it’s not surprising that the Republicans play the costly big government card when reviewing the President’s cybersecurity approach. Aside from this point, the Republican platforms seems like it was crafted by people who really don’t understand the issues here. “Harm innovation in cybersecurity?” How? By cooperating on best practices? By funding NSF grants and increasing investment in information assurance education programs?

And what about the statement that the President’s position is “overly reliant of developing defensive capabilities,” and that there is “no deterrence protocol.” What the heck does that mean? Have these guys looked at their own NIST-800 best practices on risk management which are heavily weighted to defensive capabilities? Have they seen what the regulatory-averse credit card industry demands for defensive capabilities with PCI DSS? And what should we do in terms of deterrence? Bomb data centers if we discover an attack coming from a hosted server?"

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In search of Mitt Romney's stance on cybersecurity

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