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+ - Apple tries to ban all Galaxy phones and tablets in the Netherlands-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Apple is trying to ban all Samsung Galaxy products, phones and tablets, in the Netherlands. As reactions to this news show, people in Holland are turning away from Apple because of its behaviour. Apple should fight the competition with innovation, not lawsuits. Apple is doing more harm to itself than to Samsung
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Apple tries to ban all Galaxy phones and tablets in the Netherlands

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  • Stop buying Apple products. And them them you're doing it.
    If 10 million people stop spending US$ 1000/yr in Apple products, that's US$ 10 billion in revenue they'll loose.
    However I'm in the confortable situation where I never owned any Apple products, and never intend to (hard core Linux user, looking forward for ARM Cortex A15 quad core ultra netbooks to move away from Intel laptops).

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