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+ - Raspberry Pi production moves to the UK->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Back in January the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that their tiny, cheap Linux PC had gone into production. It was a day to celebrate, but the people running the foundation weren’t totally happy. The reason? The Raspberry Pi wasn’t being manufactured in the UK.

Instead, a Far East manufacturing facility had been chosen simply because it meant the cost of manufacturing was $5 per unit cheaper, and delivery time was 3-4 weeks, not 12-14 as was quoted by UK manufacturers. It sounded crazy at the time, but that’s why everyone goes to China to get stuff made–it’s cheaper and quicker.

The good news is, manufacturing is now moving to the UK. More specifically, a deal has been done to see the tiny PC manufactured in South Wales at Sony’s Pencoed plant.

30,000 Raspberry Pis will be produced every month to begin with, and in the process it has created 30 new jobs at the facility. The other positive of this move is each Raspberry Pi will have to pass Sony’s Green Management program, which ensures each finished Pi has been manufactured using parts that are both ethically and ecologically sound."

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Raspberry Pi production moves to the UK

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