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Submission + - US doctors back circumcision (nature.com) 2

ananyo writes: "On 27 August, a report by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) concludes for the first time that, overall, boys will be healthier if circumcised. The report says that although the choice is ultimately up to parents, medical insurance should pay for the procedure. The recommendation, coming from such an influential body, could boost US circumcision rates, which, at 55%, are already higher than much of the developed world. The researchers estimate that each circumcision that is not performed costs the US health-care system US$313."
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US doctors back circumcision

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  • I especially love the anti-circumcision movement (http://www.circinfo.net/anti_circumcision_lobby_groups.html) argument about how sex is better with a foreskin - it begs the question: how would you know?

    • Adults who have been circumcised have spoken of a loss of sensitivity after the gland has been permanently exposed and describe that sex was not as good.

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