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+ - A Sasquatch Impersonator Was Killed By Teenage Girls 2

Submitted by derekmead
derekmead (2466858) writes "Randy Lee Tenley, a 44-year old resident of Kalispell, Montana, was killed Sunday night while trying to impersonate a sasquatch.

According to authorities, Tenley was strolling along a Montana highway wearing a ghillie suit at night. Now, the whole point of camouflage is to not be seen, so it comes as no surprise that as Tenley wandered about on the highway, he was struck first by a 15-year old girl, and then again by a 17-year old girl in another car.

But why would Tenley be wandering about in the ghillie suit in the first place? Well, according to friends, he wanted to get someone to call 911 to report that Bigfoot was on the loose. As you might expect, authorities think alcohol may have been a factor. NBC Montana has video from the scene."
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A Sasquatch Impersonator Was Killed By Teenage Girls

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  • Well there's my nomination for 2012 Darwin Awards.
    • by Megane (129182)
      Dude was age 44. The point of a "Darwin Award" is not passing on your genes. What's the chance that an idiot redneck hasn't passed on his genes by age 44?

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