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+ - Chrome getting slower 1

Submitted by Papaspud
Papaspud (2562773) writes "For the last 1-2 months, Chrome has really started slowing down loading my home page. I don't have this with other browsers, have tried IE and FF, and it only seems to be the first time load of my homepage, other pages as well as reloading the home page work fine. Has anybody else had the problem? I have tried clearing the cache and disabling the prediction services, nothing seems to help. Many times it will just set there loading until I actually have to refresh or hit the homepage button again. I am using My yahoo as my homepage, I know- I know, and as I said above don't have this problem with IE or FF. Anybody have any suggestions, I really like chrome the best, but I have moved to FF just because my home page takes forever to load. Thanks in advance!"
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Chrome getting slower

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