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+ - Researchers Demonstrate Backdoor "Hack" Into the Human Brain-> 1

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "Once the preserve of science fiction, brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have advanced to the point where they can even be found in novelty headwear, which only makes an achievement of an international team of scientists more frightening. Using an off-the-shelf Emotiv BCI costing only a few hundred dollars, the team has shown that it's possible to "hack" a human brain and pull things like bank details straight out of your skull."
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Researchers Demonstrate Backdoor "Hack" Into the Human Brain

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  • So this is a read-only backdoor - really a yes/no backdoor. It would take a while to brute-force a password guess with this, though with the good old 4-number PIN I guess it would only take 1000 tries, max.

    But it's also not a backdoor like the Sumerian language backdoor in "Snow Crash", where to hear is to do, conscious mental processes not needed.

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