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+ - Facebook approves real-money gambling app->

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SternisheFan writes "A story posted by Emma Woollacott on TG Daily: Facebook's launching a gambling site that allows users to stake real money -but only in the UK. Bingo & Slots Friendzy has been developed by online gambling company Gamesys, which operates Sun Bingo, Heart Bingo and It's the first ever cash gambling app on Facebook. "You won’t find these games anywhere else." The game's limited to the over-18s, and the company says it'll include the ability to set spending limits, as well as self-help tools to minimise the risk of gambling addiction. Facebook's defended its decision to the BBC, saying: "Real money gaming is a popular and well-regulated activity in the UK..."
    However, Bingo & Slots Friendzy may just be the first of many gambling apps on Facebook. Long-time partner Zynga, for example, has said it plans to introduce real-money gambling versions of its poker, bingo and slot machine games next year."

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Facebook approves real-money gambling app

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