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Submission + - Nokia Lumia shipments beat iPhone, Samsung Android phones through first Qs ( 1

zacharye writes: Nokia (NOK) has hit a bit of a rough patch lately, having just reported its third consecutive billion-dollar quarterly loss earlier this week. Of course, investors saw some promise in Nokia’s earnings report, and it turns out there may be even more cause for optimism than they initially thought. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, Nokia’s Windows Phone efforts are off to a better start than Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone or Samsung’s (005930KS) Android smartphones at this point in their respective product cycles...
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Nokia Lumia shipments beat iPhone, Samsung Android phones through first Qs

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  • 6.9 million Lumia phones doesn't compare to the 33 million Samsung Android phones, or the 34 million iPhones sold in the same period. Talk about spin - selling into a mature smartphone market is very different to selling into the fledgling markets back in 2007 and 2009. Nokia's investors have very little to be happy about. Not to mention, the Lumias are probably all still sitting in boxes waiting for some fool to buy them. I know one person with a Windows 7 Phone and he is constantly defending the decis

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