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+ - Microsoft's Windows 8: tragic mistake or stroke of genius?-> 1

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bowman9991 writes "When Windows 8 hits 26 October with multiple new tablets, PC desktop machines and ultra-books (and a new version of Microsoft Office), PC users everywhere will suddenly be faced with Microsoft's radically designed "Metro" user interface. Have Microsoft made a massive mistake by introducing an operating system that appears at first glance to be focused on touch and tablets when the majority still use non-touch machines? Or have they built a software system that will impress and thrive on any hardware form factor? Windows Vista or the greatest unified software master stroke of the 21st century?"
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Microsoft's Windows 8: tragic mistake or stroke of genius?

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  • Windows 8 is really nothing more than a BETA test for Windows 9. With the FOSS condemning them at every turn and thereby giving adding to the advertising of Windows 8, they have very little to lose. Even if it is only moderately successful, it will give Microsoft the needed information on how to proceed with Windows 10. In any event, with the FOSS expressing their displeasure with the OS, (sour grapes), it will force the FOSS to try and play catchup. I don't see how they can lose.

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