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+ - NBC purchases MSNBC rights from Microsoft, rebrands MSNBC.com to NBCNews.com->

Submitted by flatt
flatt (513465) writes "Ending a sixteen year partnership between the now Comcast-owned NBCUniversal and Microsoft, the MSNBC.com website has been immediately renamed to NBCNews.com. Both parties note that the integration between both parties is deep and will require 2 years to complete the decoupling. For the immediate future, NBC will continue to provide news content for MSN.com and Microsoft will continue to be the advertising provider for the site. Content control, brand confusion, and partisan content are cited as reasons behind the breakup.

Microsoft sold its 50% share in the MSNBC TV rights to NBC back in 2005."

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NBC purchases MSNBC rights from Microsoft, rebrands MSNBC.com to NBCNews.com

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