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+ - Court says you must prove you're broke in order to get court appointed lawyer->

Submitted by
Mass Overkiller
Mass Overkiller writes "Just read an article (ok just read the majority of an article) regarding your court appointed lawyer. The Massachusetts Judicial Supreme Court ruled that defendants must prove they are indigent in order to receive a court-appointed attorney. The court goes on to say that financial assets of your spouse, girlfriend and/or parents will be considered when deciding whether you are "unable to afford an attorney". Is this a violation of your 5th amendment rights? If I get arrested and need an attorney, is it my parents responsibility to provide financial assistance? What about my girlfriend? My spouse, I suppose, would be legally obligated to help fund my lawyer, but a non-legally-binded girlfriend? What does slashdot think of this?"
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Court says you must prove you're broke in order to get court appointed lawyer

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