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+ - Scientists store information in quantum bits for nearly two seconds.->

Submitted by FBeans
FBeans (2201802) writes ""Using a pair of impurities in ultra-pure, laboratory-grown diamonds, the researchers announced earlier this week that preliminary results show the ability to create quantum bits and store information in them for nearly two seconds — an increase of nearly six magnitudes, say the scientists. The work, described in the June 8 issue of Science, is a critical first step in the eventual construction of a functional quantum computer that could one day allow for advanced computations."

"One challenge facing quantum computing is creating computers that can remain in a solid-state at room temperature. Most systems rely on complex and expensive equipment designed to trap an atom or electron in a vacuum, and then cool the entire system to nearly absolute zero, or 459.67 Fahrenheit. Researchers say the experiment is an essential finding for the evolution of the quantum computer, saying it will likely serve as cornerstone in the coming years."

"The practical purposes of a quantum computer are nearly endless, say scientists. Quantum computers are expected to play an important role in future information processing since they can outperform classical computers at many tasks.""

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Scientists store information in quantum bits for nearly two seconds.

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