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+ - RBS CEO claimed to give misleading statement about offshored bank failure.->

Submitted by rtfa-troll
rtfa-troll (1340807) writes "The multi-day failure of the computers at the Royal Bank of Scotland has now been directly linked to the hiring of 'Inexperienced' staff in Hyderabad. In their exclusive article about the RBS failure the Register say that this was caused by one of the inexperienced new hires who replaced the recently fired 30 year experienced UK team.

The Register's article shows that, during the oursourcing, recruitment requests in India asked for less than 1/3 of the typical experience of the team which was got rid of. This directly contradicts the CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland who gave a statement that "I have no evidence of that. The IT centre — our main centre, we’re standing outside here in Edinburgh, [is] nothing to do with overseas". If the Register's article is true it would suggest remarkable ignorance on the part of the CEO who should have been fully informed about a disaster of this level within hours of it's occurrence and certainly a week later."

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RBS CEO claimed to give misleading statement about offshored bank failure.

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