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Operating Systems

+ - Linux has a last PC Opening Courtesy of Microsoft -> 1

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jbsurveyer writes "because Windows 8 and now the Surfaces PC presents so many problems to Microsoft's business customers, ordinary users, hardware vendors and software vendors — a last opportunity has opened up for Linux. This article looks at the stakeholders and what will encourage/prevent the emergence of Linux like Android as a major PC OS."
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Linux has a last PC Opening Courtesy of Microsoft

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  • You can be extraordinarily successful client-side (think Apple) and be all but invisible on the server.

    Two very different markets.

    The server targets the IT pro working in a tightly controlled, almost idealized environment. Relations with users can be distant if not hostile. You see evidence of that every day on Slashdot.

    Client applications are hard.

    You often need to recruit outside talent or master skills and disciplines that the engineer --- the programmer --- simply does not have. You might get Patrick

Measure with a micrometer. Mark with chalk. Cut with an axe.