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Linux OS written in pure Python

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  • We think, that OS, written in simple interpreted language, like python, allows us to dominate desktop operating systems market. Python is simple and nice. Our user will be able to easy modify any part of OS without compiling souce code. This is the real Open Source Freedom!
  • We want to rewrite in pure python: - Web browser - Office - DONE (In beta version) - X-server - Kernel
  • The Linux kernel and the GNU Userland Utilities are written in C. If you've used them at all, the OS is not "Pure Python." You also have to have a bootloader written, which will be in assembly, or possibly C.

    Also, most users don't pick an operating system for the language it's written in.
    • We rewrite GNU userspace in pure python and we want to rewrite LInux Kernel in pure Python!
      • by Megane (129182)
        So what? Why? What is the point? What makes this better? All I see is mountain climbing, "because it's there".
      • While you could probably rewrite a lot of the GNU tools in Python, what will you do about more performance oriented things, like GCC? Even if you can write a compiler in Python, the performance would be so bad as to make it pointless. Also, you can not write a kernel in Python as it exists right now. Python simply does not have the low level functions that you need. While you could create a bunch of modifications, at that point you've lost your "Pure Python" goal.

        You also have the issue of a bootloader.

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