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Submission + - VIA's $49 Android-Based Mini-PC is No Bigger Than a Banana-> 4

tcheleao writes: "VIA Technologies is seemingly riding the frenzy of the Raspberry Pi craze by offering its own miniature PC around the size of a small banana (Ed. note: at least it appears so in terms of volume). But unlike the current Pi,(almost impossible to get) this APC Android PC system comes ready to roll right out of the box and packs extra features like 2 GB of on-board storage and VGA output.But there is a catch 720p only"
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VIA's $49 Android-Based Mini-PC is No Bigger Than a Banana

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  • At 17cm by 8.5cm by 3.5 cm (6.7" x 3.4" x 1.4") that's significantly bigger than most bananas I've seen...

    • And unlike the Pi (which is hard to get, but shipping) the APC is actually just vapourware, which will be "accepting pre-orders soon" and "anticipated" to start shipping in July...

      An Android 2.3 device with keyboard input and 720p output, 512MB RAM, 10/100 network with no WiFi. On the positive side, unlocked hardware, so should be able to boot debian on the thing...

      Some pictures are at [] - not really sure about that banana one, though...

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