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+ - Keeper Of Shadows: A New Game of Crypto-archaeology->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Keeper of Shadows is a new alternative history game where you decode an ancient archaeological puzzle. This features a real 3800-year old tablet from Ancient Iraq which contains a mathematical table. The numbers on it follow a strange relationship according to the Theorem of Pythagoras....more than a thousand years before he was born.

Speculations suggest that this is a trigonometric table, but the ratios are not in such a sequence. Some say this is a school exercise but questions remain... why does the 3rd column contain 8 prime numbers out of 15? What if this isn't a school exercise....but an astronomical record of some planetary event?

This alternate history game is part of the ZetaTrek project, which was mentioned on Slashdot last year."

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Keeper Of Shadows: A New Game of Crypto-archaeology

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