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MBAFK writes: My coworker Geoff and I have been taking power meters home to see what the true cost of PC gaming is. Not just the outlay for hardware and software but what the day-to-day costs really are. If you assume a 20 hour a week habit and using $0.11 a KWH. Actually playing costs Geoff $30.83 a year. If Geoff turns his PC off when he is not using it he could save $66 dollars a year. Turn off your PC when you aren’t using it. The environment will thank you and so will your wallet.
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Turn off your PC – The cost of PC gaming

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  • Yes this has been discussed ad-infinitum in the past. There is however, the slight problem of turning a pc on and off over time to shorten chipset lifespans as the heat and cooling down expands and contracts the chips (and other parts) shortening their lifespans considerably more than if you kept them on for longer periods. Has this been addressed? Or is it another of those FUD type myths? Of course, if you're upgrading your equipment every two years or so its a moot point I suppose. Will be following this

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