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Submission + - Adobe Patches Zero-Day Used in Targeted Attacks->

wiredmikey writes: On Friday, Adobe issued a security bulletin to address a recently discovered critical vulnerability in its Flash Player that is being used in targeted attacks. The attacks are leveraging the recently disclosed CVE-2012-0779 Vulnerability, which Symantec says been in the wild for over a week. The exploit targets Flash Player on Internet Explorer for Windows platforms only, via custom crafted emails with malicious attachments. Symantec said that it has seen many of these files circulating in the wild so far, and that the attacks have been aimed at multiple targets across manufacturers of products used by the defense industry, though the security firm warned that other targets are likely to follow in the days ahead.

Users of Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions should update immediately. To see what version of Flash player you have installed you can check using this page from Adobe.

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Adobe Patches Zero-Day Used in Targeted Attacks

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